This weekend was not exactly the most exciting but I do love it when the house is clean. Obviously, Spring has sprung, and this year it really did make us want to clean the house and get rid of some of the clutter. The majority of our Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning up around the house including things Savannah and I often overlook like the garage.

As mentioned, it's never any fun doing the cleaning but it's so nice to look at a clean house when you're all done. Although when you have two dogs like we do you really have to enjoy the moments when the house is clean because it feels like only minutes until there is dog hair all over the house again.

We managed to clean out so much that we actually have to take a few dump runs with all the broken vacuums and old pieces of luggage that aren't usable anymore. After spending the day cleaning, Savannah and I spent the evening playing the card game cribbage. This is just another reason why I feel like we are 30 years old but living life like we are 80. :)

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