If you're traveling on Montana's highways this week, you may notice a difference in speed limits.

NBC Montana reports that state lawmakers approved a five mile per hour increase on the interstate, changing the current 75 mph speed limit to 80.

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Shawn Silvan told KECI-TV that there is a potential for more injuries when you increase your speed.

"If there were a crash to occur, and crashes occur in different ways, anything from a flat tire to, you can't control a vehicle to maybe somebody hitting you," he said.

Montana residents aren't too excited about the change either, noting that drivers will have to pay even more attention while driving.

Missoula resident Misty Dale Wright told KECI-TV that "People are going to end up going faster not knowing but when they look down their almost going 85, 90."

It's not just speed that's increasing, either. NBC Montana said fines for speeding are going up as well.

Fines for exceeding the speed limit will be raised from a maximum of $100 to $200. That's expected to bring in an additional $95,000 in revenue every year.

Changes will take place Thursday, Oct. 1.

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