The actual Olympic Games may have been postponed until 2021, but Special Olympics Montana isn't going to let a little thing like a global pandemic stop them. They've announced that their 2020 summer games will still go on - although of course, they've had to alter things, and as a result, the games will be held virtually this year.

So how does that work, exactly? Well, participants can compete from anywhere, and submit photos and videos of themselves to Special Olympics Montana's website. They'll have an opening ceremony on May 17th and a closing ceremony on July 22nd, both of which will be streamed live on their Facebook and Youtube pages.

Is it an unconventional way to hold a sporting event? You bet. But these are unconventional times, and everybody is finding their own way to adapt. Events will be designed so they can be done anywhere, and can even mostly be done with objects that are found around the house - events in the first round include the 10-yard dash, ball throw, and ball kick.

There's roughly nine weeks worth of events here, and I love that this organization can continue one of its biggest traditions to help out those with special needs. If you want to support them, visit their website - you can volunteer to help out or you can always make a donation.

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