Being a police officer these days has got to be tough. With the constant turmoil in the press and all the anti-police rhetoric in politics, it has got to sometimes feel like a thankless job. Not here in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula police were recently involved in a stand-off in a South Hills neighborhood. The stand-off involved many Missoula City Police, detectives, SWAT, and negotiators. The stand-off lasted nearly 24 hours in the neighborhood.

According to our initial report, the Missoula Police Department provided the following statement:

Missoula Police Department - patrol, detectives, SWAT, and negotiators are working an active scene in the 100 block of Black Pine. This incident has been evolving since last night and culminated in barricaded subject. We are asking people to avoid the area to allow first responders to work safely. We have a large police presence making attempts to contact a barricaded subject.

At around 6 pm yesterday, the suspect was taken into custody peacefully and without injury.

The neighborhood wanted to show its appreciation to all the hard-working people in law enforcement. The neighborhood provided the police with the gift of pizza. I mean, who doesn't like getting rewarded with pizza? Some jobs throw pizza parties for reaching goals. Why not treat the police for a job well done? After nearly 24 hours in the stand-off, it is easy to assume the officers, detectives, and SWAT were plenty hungry.

According to the MPD Facebook

The residents on the street of the incident showed up with tons of pizza for all of the responding officers and agencies! This act of kindness meant the world to us!

Thank you!

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