Montana continues to be one of the top states for DUI-related accidents in the country. Why? Well, a lot of it boils down to the drinking culture in Montana. We sure do like our beer and the occasional nip off of Grandpa's old "cough medicine." But that is not any excuse to drive impaired.

Another reason may be the long distances someone may have to travel to go out and enjoy some adult beverages. Unlike bigger cities or more populated states, the "corner bar" in Montana could be multiple miles away. Some Montanas may feel like they are "okay to drive" as long as they and their car get home. Yet another poor excuse to drive impaired.

Recently,  actor Luke Grimes (Kaycee from "Yellowstone"), shared what he loves about moving to Montana. He was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about going to his favorite bar in the Bitterroot Valley. He said one of his favorite people at the bar is a cowboy who rides his horse home every night.

(watch clip at 6:20)

After watching this clip, it got me thinking. Can you still get a DUI riding a horse in Montana? There are plenty of states where it is considered "DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE." But, here in Montana, it is totally LEGAL to ride your horse home drunk.

In fact, the Montana Department of Transportation used this method of getting home in a former ad campaign. They called the commercial "Sober Friend." The ad shows exactly what Luke Grimes described in his story with Kimmel. It features a horse paying attention to traffic laws, while casually walking through a Montana town. When the horse arrives in front of a bar, his rider mounts up and they begin the trek home.

Keep in mind there are still plenty of ways to get in trouble while your ride your horse home drunk (impeding traffic, not following traffic laws, animal cruelty, being drunk in public, etc). Not to mention the many ways you can hurt yourself. But, it still beats driving drunk.

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