The last thing school kids - and teachers for that matter - probably want to think about right now is a school day in November!

But this event was such a huge success last year that the arena was overflowing. If you don't want your school kiddos to be left out, you probably should get them registered as soon as possible.

The University of Montana Lady Griz basketball program has announced a second annual Lady Griz School Day, Tuesday, November 20, starting at 11:30 a.m.  The game is free for all the School Day regisitrants. Anyone who attended last year's game in December and saw the exuberance of about 5,400 elementary and middle-school students from all over western Montana help pack the Adams Center can understand why the Lady Griz wanted to do it again in 2018!

The students were a huge part of a crowd of 7,018. Given the popularity of that game, it only made sense to do it again. Last year's event was very well organized, both by UM and by the staffs of the attending schools.

Teachers and administrators are reminded to act quickly. Every class that attended last year's game will likely want to do it again this year. And those who missed out will want to join the fun.

So, before all the books are on the shelves and the doors are locked for summer, maybe check out the registration link here to find out more about how to be involved in Lady Griz School Day 2018!


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