Seats even with the car you're going to park behind two feet apart...turn full hard right...straighten when bumpers align...hard left...

Okay, I don't remember the exact textbook procedure after all these years, but I am still very good at parallel parking. Just have a knack, I guess.

Well, while most states still include parallel parking to pass your drivers test, a few have bucked the trend and technology might suggest more states will follow.

The state of Nevada has recently eliminated the parallel parking portion of the driver skills test, joining several other states including Florida, Colorado and California. Now, you might assume with increased use of technology like backup cameras and parking assistance tools, that would be Nevada's reasoning to drop it from the test. But officials say that had no bearing on the decision to take it out of the exam. So, then why? Our guess is people were so lousy at it that too many were failing the test and the state was getting, well, "backed up" with those needing to retest.

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