I have super sensitive ears and have semi feared firing guns due to that and the kick back that guns have. That changed today in the backwoods while we were off-roading.

Seems like the right thing to do while hanging in the mountains in areas you can only access with your off-road vehicle. The only way I was able to actually shoot was the fact that I had these really great noise-canceling headphones. They helped so much! Thanks to my friend Ben for hooking these up.

It was a good feeling to shoot a revolver. I have shot twice otherwise in my life but never a revolver. It was a females smaller revolver I think? Looked similar to the one below. It didn't have a bad kick back at all and the noise was bearable due to the headphones.

I think I will be doing this a little more often and get some lessons so I can be safe if I ever do decide to get a gun.

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


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