I read a story on Facebook that was written by Lauren Beyer, Rural Institute Project Assistant about Shelley and her cause. I would love you to help out or at least share this story.

Shelley Johnson is a great young lady who has down syndrome and brittle diabetes but that hasn't slowed her down. In her spare time she enjoys to ride horses and I hear she likes to color as well. What keeps her most busy though is the business she started that combines her love for soda, Cheetos and money, and that is a vending machine and honor box business. Shelley's Soda's and Snacks not only supports this wonderful lady but also is what makes this community so great. She grew up here and needs your help. Why not help out a local girl and sell snacks that you probably would be anyway.

Shelley is from Frenchtown and is 21 years old. Her family has really supported and been a positive influence in this. Her mother is just a doll and her friend and caretaker Brittany is just great. It takes a lot of work and determination but they are forging forward with this great idea.   CONTACT KELLY JOHNSON  406-274-5543 or find Shelley on Facebook. 

Share the word and if you have a business find out about getting an honor box or vending machine. Options for everyone.

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