When you live in Montana, there are so many things to experience, and skiing should be at the top of everyone's list. Here are seven places to give this snowy pastime a try.

If you haven't tested your skills on the mountain with a pair of skis or a snowboard yet, you may want to do so soon, and you're in luck, because Montana has some of the best ski areas in the country within a short driving distance. Plus, being a student gets you discounts at almost every mountain in Montana, so there is no reason not to try it at least once.

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, there are many events that you can attend at almost all these resorts. Snowbowl hosts a ski jumping competition, which is always exiting to watch from the bar while you snack on a wood-fired pizza and have an award winning Bloody Mary. Whitefish and Big Sky host events as well all throughout the season, both having a pond skim competition open to the public, which attract very large crowds of locals and visitors from all around the country.

Remember that in Montana ski areas, if you are a season pass holder to any resort, then your day pass at another mountain can be discounted, which just gives you more reasons to try each mountain and see which is best for you.

  • Discovery Ski Area

    Philipsburg, Montana

    If it's your first time and you're looking for an easy mountain to tame and call your own, then Discovery is the place for you. It has a great beginning portion of the hill and a challenging backside to give any thrill seeker their dose of medicine for the day. Also, they have a great food court at the base of the hill.

  • Snowbowl

    Missoula, Montana

    Now this may not be the biggest or flashiest resort on the list, but it is for sure one of the few gems that can be found in Missoula. With a 30-minute drive from the UofM campus, it is frequent to see students up for a half day before or after classes to get some turns in. It is a more challenging mountain, but the satisfaction comes from concurring some of its nasty terrain and steep drop offs.

  • Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area

    Near Mullan, Idaho

    Located off highway I-90 on the border of Montana and Idaho, Lookout Pass is small mountain with more than enough terrain to adventure around. Being on the border gives you the best of both worlds, Montana snow on the front and Idaho on the back. Tickets are inexpensive and allow first timers and seasoned veterans to enjoy their slopes.

  • Bridger Bowl Ski Area

    Bozeman, Montana

    You are going to see a lot of Montana State students frequenting around these parts. So, if Bobcats aren’t your thing, steer away. If you don’t mind them, then this could be the place for you. Like Discovery, it has a mixture of beginning and expert runs, but the plus side of Bridger is that it is larger mountain with more variety of terrain.

  • Lost Trail Powder Mountain

    Border of Montana & Idaho

    Yes, it is called Powder Mountain for a reason. When Montana ski areas tend to see a lot of snow fall, Lost Trail somehow can constantly obtain more snowfall than most resorts around Montana. So, if you are a powder hound, go here, and if you are not, you can still find many runs to suit your needs.

  • Whitefish Mountain Resort

    Whitefish, Montana

    This resort is one of the nicest you can find within a decent drive from Missoula. Whitefish has everything: a nice hotel and cabin accommodations, 11 high-speed chair lifts, acceptable ticket prices, and activities year round.

  • Big Sky

    Big Sky, Montana

    Now, if there is one place you need to go regardless of money and travel, then Big Sky is that place. Big Sky is rated one of the best ski resorts in the world and is the #1 resort in North America. This is because it also is one of the biggest mountains in America; it would take you more than a week to ski every run at the resort at least one time.

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