After his trip back to Washington, D.C. from the southern border, Montana Senator Steve Daines called in to the KGVO Montana Morning News show and told listeners how representatives from the Biden administration attempted to limit the 18 U.S. Senators from taking photos or videos on the southern border.

“President Biden and vice president Kamala Harris need to allow the media access to what's happening on the southern border,” said Daines. “It's a media blackout right now, Peter, I couldn't believe it. We were walking around, 18 Republican U.S. Senators. We had our smart-phones in our hands, and we were taking videos and pictures and there was a Biden handler trying to stop us; trying to get in the way. Telling us to delete the pictures and delete the videos. Peter, I felt like I was on a trip to China or to Russia.”

Daines said he has never seen anything like how he and the other Senators were treated by the Biden administration representatives.

“This is the United States of America,” he said. “We have federal facilities and we have every right as Senators here to show the American people what's going on the southern border, and she was chasing us. “Thankfully we got a lot of video, we got a lot of pictures, and we're making sure those are being distributed so that the American people can see what's really going on.”

Daines described what he witnessed when illegals crossed the border into the U.S.

“When an illegal immigrant comes to our southern border and crosses, they just throw their arms up in the air,” he said. They don't run away from border guards; in fact, they want to be captured because they then will be processed and told to come back for an asylum hearing. Well, guess what? There's 1.2 million illegals right now waiting for that hearing; their backlog is one to two years and they never come back. That's called ‘catch and release’.”

Daines said with the cartels mocking the Senators with megaphones across the Rio Grande, he knows the sheer volume of methamphetamine and other illegal drugs are making their way to Montana.

“They are, of course, flooding the southern border with Mexican methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl, and you know that's coming right here in a Montana effect as I mentioned on that call last week the Cascade County Jail had seven Mexican cartel members held there for a period of time just recently, so this problem is right here in Montana."

Also appearing on KGVO on Monday was Montana Attorney general Austin Knudsen who echoed Senator Daines’ appeal to shut down the flow of illegal immigrants and illegal drugs into the United States.

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