Finals week is a challenging time for your average college student, but Scotty McCreery is far from your average university co-ed. North Carolina State University's most famous student recently took to his official Twitter account to effectively demonstrate the drastic difference in his double life.

"Vegas a couple days ago, Library today," McCreery tweeted on Wednesday (Dec. 12), sharing the photo shown here and referring to his recent appearance at the American Country Awards. It seems as though the young singer traded in the prestige of his profile career for the grind of finals as a college freshman.

"I've been studying non-stop. But it was a lot tougher than I was anticipating going into it," McCreery reveals (quote via Country Weekly). "When I was doing this in high school, balancing it all was nothing. But college was definetely a huge step. I've had to learn how to study again."

McCreery's most recent omission regarding his studies is a far cry from how he perceived his life as a college student just months ago. "So far, it’s not been that difficult. I’m not exactly taking Advanced Chemistry right now. So far, it hasn’t been horrible," he exclusively told Taste of Country. "I’ve just had to have better time management on the road. Instead of sitting down for an hour playing Xbox, I have to sit down and study or write a paper."

"That just comes with growing up and maturing," added McCreery. "As long as I can do that, I think this whole college thing is going to be easy. If I just wait until 5AM when something’s due in the morning, then that might kill me, but we’ll see."

With 2012 winding down, the 'Idol' singer has just a few weeks to take his exams and spend quality time with his loved ones for the holidays before switching back into superstar singer mode. The busiest man in country music will begin work on his sophomore album before heading back out on the road full-time in February.

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