The hit television show "Yellowstone" just wrapped up the season 4 finale last week and now we don't know what to do on Sunday nights. Season 5 filming is set to begin in Montana in May 2022. We could very well be waiting another year before we see new episodes. And that could be torture for some, as the popularity of the show continues to skyrocket. This past Halloween, "dressing like a Dutton" was one of the big Halloween costume trends. People all over the world were looking for ways to dress like Beth, John Dutton, and Rip.

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Just recently, the former "Govern-a-tor" of California took a family ski trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his sons Christopher and Patrick posed for a photo on Patrick's Instagram. Patrick felt they really pulled off that wealthy Montana rancher look, labeling themselves as "Rip, John Dutton, and Kayce" with Christopher as "Rip." Arnold, and his badass buffalo hide coat, was dressed as the bossman "John Dutton." And Patrick as "Kaycee."

There are entire websites and countless online forums that will coach you on how to "Dress like a Dutton."  You'll see everything from Beth's dresses and jackets to lots and lots of different kinds of Carhart apparel seen on the show. Not to mention specific styles of hats and boots.

If you pay close attention to the amount of Carhart clothing you see, you will notice that the brand is becoming very popular with people who are not wearing the clothing for the purpose it was made for. Who knew that Montana could be so fashionable?

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