Everyone needs a helping hand every once in awhile. For some, it's help moving from one place to the next. For others its helping pay for a kidney transplant. Regardless of what a person needs help with - someone is always there to help, that's what makes a community so special. We always find a way to repay people for their generosity, whether it be pizza and beer for helping move boxes, or just a big hug for helping in general. Well, the time has come for you to step up and help a member of our community. But, not without being rewarded for your generosity.

Sunday June 27th, the Sunrise Saloon will be hosting a fundraiser for Brandon Weber's kidney transplant. It is going to be a fun "get-together" where you can possibly score some RAD prizes.

Raffle items include:

1st) Crystalized buffalo skull

2nd) Tanned Buffalo Hide and wall art

3rd) A Ruana knife and custom long board from Bubs N Boards


There will also be a silent auction for other kick ass items.

5.56 green tip ammo, coozie mittens, wilderness survival training, water pipes and even a 30.06 rifle.

Each donation to the cause will also receive a plate of buffalo spaghetti, salad and desert.

Raffle tickets are $10 a piece or 12 for $100 and can be purchased either at the Sunrise Saloon or at Rajas Smoke Shop on West Broadway.

Once again, the event is going to be held at the Sunrise Saloon Sunday June 27th from 3p until 7p.

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