When I was in middle school my mom let me sign up for the Columbia House CD Club so I could get the 12 CD's for the price of 1. The only kicker was that I had to pay for any future purchases to fulfill the obligations that came with joining. The joke ended up being on me when I would forget to return the monthly forms and ended up with some overpriced CD's that I had no interest in. We've enrolled in a few other subscription-based clubs over the years - weight loss companies, food services, recipes, and the most recent being a monthly litter box service for our cats. They all end the same. I realize after a few months that we're spending money on products we don't use and we end up cancelling.

But this seems like a service that I would actually enjoy and use the products. It's also a pretty cool way to learn about Montana companies that you might not know existed. The Last Best Box is a subscription box that is sent to you on a subscription or can be purchased as a gift box. It's filled with products from businesses across Montana.

We have so many local shops and products right here in Missoula. But think about other vendors across the state selling their products in places that you may never visit. This is a great way to learn about and sample some of the products you otherwise wouldn't.

Owner of The Last Best Box, Scott Sacry, shared his thoughts in a KPAX article. “Montana has some pretty awesome businesses, some awesome products, the Made in Montana program is great too, so I just decided to start one with a Montana theme.”

What a great way to support the Montana economy. A subscription for The Last Best Box includes a box of products shipped to you every two months. Oh, one more thing......I just looked.......the Columbia House CD Club is still a thing! Who knew?

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