I was really excited on Friday for a fun weekend, and it was even though my my two football teams didn't do as well as I had hoped. My Seattle Seahawks dropped their game to the Tennessee Titans yesterday, after another game where my team didn't look very good. And that just added to the disappointment from the Griz losing their game against EWU on Saturday under the lights at Washington Grizzly Stadium.

My teams may have lost, and that is disappointing, but I will continue to be a fan. I feel like so many sports fans are so critical of their teams after losing a few games. I've always been taught, it's not how you start its how you finish. I cannot believe how many trolls I saw online bashing both the Griz and Seahawks. After many years of being a Seahawks fan growing up when they were just plain bad, that's what taught me how to be a fan. No matter how your team is doing you support them anyway.

I just wish some of the online trolls thought about their comments. I don't think some of them really understand what they are typing, asking for someone to lose their job. That is how they support their family, just seems like a hefty punishment for not winning every game. But that's sports, and as these sports teams know it is difficult to make your fan base happy.


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