Ronnie Dunn would like you to stop by...

at least stop by his website and check out his new single.  It's called "Bleed Red" and you can hear at least part of it now, and all of it Monday.

It's been about half a year since Brooks and Dunn wrapped up their career together but Ronnie Dunn has wasted no time.  As I mentioned, his new single is called "Bleed Red" and he has posted a snippet of it on his website,  Beginning this Monday you can hear the song in it's entirety.

The album will be available later this year.

Ronnie Dunn Live: Friday, 7pm at The Lumberjack Saloon, 7000 Graves Creek RD Lolo, MT 59847. $35 ($45 day of show); buy your tickets through or at the gate.

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