When you first "drop the needle" on Jaden Decker's new album, you get the distinct impression of a man who's already experienced all the pain, and joy, that a lifetime offers.

But when you consider he's still just 17-years old and not that far removed from entertaining the hometown fans at the Sanders County Fair in Plains, you are completely blown away by his ability to illustrate life's textures in a way that will resonate with all ages.

Jaden stopped by the KYSS studios this week where we were privileged to debut his brand new single "Mountain Top Road", the lead-off song from his first full-length album, "Band of Angels."

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The album was recorded at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville

"Because that was really cool, you know, Blackbird. That's one of the places, anybody you can think of probably has recorded there," Decker told me, reflecting on a place where everyone from Johnny Cash to Neil Young has performed. "The album's 10 songs. You know, we tried our best to keep them more stripped down. There's some fiddling, and banjo throughout it a little bit. But to me, they're really authentic and I'm really proud of the way they all came out."

And it's not just the warmth of his voice, and his warm, acoustical style. He penned all of the songs, achieving a timeless connection with life.

"I think a lot of it really comes from my inspiration and who I look up to. And a big thing I'm really proud of myself on too is never, never rushing it and never forcing it," Jaden reflects. "I don't try to make myself sit down every single day and write. You know, I just write when it comes natural. I might have an idea here and there. Once I have some time, sit down, put it all together."

Jaden Decker debuts new single on "Daybreak with Dennis"

Dennis Bragg photo
Dennis Bragg photo

Full of family influences

"I was out in Illinois last summer, I think. And I was just soaking it all in, hanging with family and stuff and writing down a lot of stuff I heard and saw. And you know that honestly what a lot of this album is, just stuff that I heard and seen over the last couple of years."

Like so many young artists during lockdown, Jaden poured his heart into music, recording his first music in 2020 in his bedroom.

"It's crazy, that's the only way I know how to describe it," Jaden admits. "And at the time, I thought it was the best thing in the world, looking back on it, I don't think it was really any good? But this this new album I'm really excited about it. There's been a few people I've shared it with and all of them. they're like, 'Man, this blew my socks off.'

Jaden had an album release party scheduled at the Sunrise Saloon in Missoula Friday evening starting at 9:30 where he planned to play the whole album, which is available on his website. It's a major step for a young man who not that long ago was invited to perform at Zach Bryan's album release party.

"Band of Angels" is available on Jaden's website. But showing what's possible in today's music business, you can also find "Mountain Top Road", and his other music on a major site like Apple Music.

Take a listen and see what happens when you mix "red dirt" authenticity with a "Rocky Mountain spirit." It's what country music has needed for years.

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