We recently met a Studio Arts major from MSU who has been a camp counselor and volunteer organizer at our local Zootown Arts Community Center. In light of the national pandemic, Thea Keene has launched her idea for RELAX Summer Camps, Remote Learning Art Experiences, for children ages 6 to 14 living anywhere in Montana.

Supplies are delivered right to your door and classes are held via Zoom, which the kids got used to using during their last couple of months of school this year. Using her experience from the ZACC and her college courses, Thea has created a series of online art classes, teaching painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing comics, and stop motion animation.

“I designed the camps to be accessible for all Montanans,” says Keene. “No matter where you live, you can still have a creative summer.” Keene remarks that the idea for the camps came from her own experience with switching to online school halfway through the semester. “It was really frustrating trying to continue my studio classes at home with limited materials and not being able to bounce ideas off my classmates. So, the camps are my vision for how I would have wanted to learn during the lockdown.”

Thea hopes that this will help kids enjoy fun summer activities while adapting to our evolving circumstances. You can learn more about classes and sign up here.

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