The exciting news of COVID-19 vaccines being made available this month has everybody thinking about the promise of what's to come. Even as I wrote that opening line I paused for a second - it feels crazy to say "this month" and have it mean December. How did that happen? But as companies race to get vaccinations to the public, there's another way to fight against the coronavirus and anyone that has tested positive and since recovered can help.

Plasma from those that have recovered from COVID-19 has antibodies that could attack the virus in those that are currently sick - so the plasma is being used as a possible treatment to help others overcome the virus. So all you have to do is pop into any Red Cross location to donate, right? Not quite. You can only donate the plasma at two Red Cross locations in Montana.......but pretty cool news - Missoula happens to be one of them (along with Great Falls.)

Scott Shanahan, Great Falls Red Cross Donor Recruitment Representative tells KPAX, "I think donors are really stepping up right now to donate and we're testing every donation for the antibodies, so that's pretty cool. I've gotten numbers of calls from people that want to donate and try to help people out.”

If you want to donate to help hospitals in Montana, and even across the country, you must be at least 17 years old, weigh more than 110 lbs, and have been recovered from the virus for 14 days or more.

Get more details on donating from the Red Cross website HERE.

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