Disney princesses are known for their perfect faces, voluminous hair and great/slim bodies. But Buzzfeed contributor Loryn Brantz decided to see what the ladies would look like if their waists were digitally expanded so that they'd look more like real people as opposed to living dolls. And as it turns out, they look pretty darn good.

Brantz filled out the tummies of Ariel, Elsa, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Sleeping Beauty – not so that they looked overweight, but so they looked average. The results were stunning.

As Brantz tells it, "As children we may not realize these images in the media affect us, but they definitely do. Media outlets with the opportunity to change the way women are viewed and view themselves should start taking responsibility. It only took a couple nudges of a line to make those princesses' waists less extreme, and they still looked beautiful and magical."