Country superstar Randy Travis gave everyone a scare on Sunday night when he collapsed while performing at a medical center gala in Fort Worth, TX. Fortunately, he was not hospitalized and is now said to be okay.

The Burleson Star reports Travis stumbled and fell forward onto the stage in the middle of a song. Doctors in attendance rushed to his aid, and Travis eventually got back on his feet, giving the audience a thumbs-up before exiting.

“He is all right,” Travis’ tour manager Jeff Davis told on Monday. “He had a bad reaction to some allergy medicine he took earlier in the day; it had some decongestant in it. The doctors said a cup of coffee and the decongestant combined [to cause the collapse], and it was one of those weird things. The doctors checked him out and he was fine. They examined him immediately and helped him how he needed to be helped. It was just very unfortunate timing.”

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