This past Saturday Savannah and I woke up and started working on our normal weekend activities which normally includes a trip to Costco. It's only us two but everyone loves a trip to Costco, especially on the weekends when the samples are out!

We knew it was going to be a busy day as soon as we reached the parking lot. Although with it being UM Graduation weekend and also Mother's Day weekend we should have known it was going to be extra busy.

After navigating the parking lot for a space we grabbed our necessities within the store rather quickly and got up to the checkout lines. As expected there were some pretty long lines to check out so we were lined up in the isle where all the chocolate and candy is located. That's when we grabbed for a new item we hadn't tried before, it was less than $5, and it turned out to be a delicious impulse buy.

It is called Hot Chocolate Bark, it's chocolate with marshmallows and tastes magical. Most things from Costco are a safe bet, but this random buy was way better than we expected. What is the best impulse buy you have ever had at Costco?

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