If you are heading to B-town this weekend for the show let me help you with a couple of my favorite places to eat and check out. The city will be a busy one this weekend.

I grew up in Billings but boy has it changed.

A place I love to eat is El Burrito which I think now is Sara's Mexican Food. The soft-shell taco is huge!

Take a ride on the Rim-rocks. You can take Zimmerman Trail or airport road to check out the unique beauty they hold, I think they are best at night.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

The Burger Dive, which I have never actually been to, is fairly new but it is getting great reviews. World Burger Champion in 2016! (The King's Hat is another place to look up).

For drinks, I always liked the Rainbow Bar but that is more of a seedy establishment but is downtown and not far from Metra. Also Andy's Bar is also in good proximity of the concert. Bucks Bar on central and Hooligans downtown are fun as well.

The mall doesn't have much more then we do but they do have a big Cabelas! Also Scheels, their big sports store, has an amusement area inside and all kinds of interactive fun.

They also have the big GC... Golden Corral! Enjoy the concert and some fun.

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