It's one thing I've learned from being around my wife.  Don't get in the way of people and their coffee!

Providence St. Patrick will no longer offer local coffee at the Grounds and Grain cafe inside the hospital building.  They'll switch from Black Coffee Roasting Co.'s roasted coffee to Starbucks bulk beans as a way to save money, according to employees.

Image courtesy of Pavel Timofeyev, Thinkstock
Image courtesy of Pavel Timofeyev, Thinkstock

And some of those employees are not happy about the situation.  They've started an online petition and are asking Providence to return to the local option.

Michael Godwin started the petition and says “we already have a Starbucks option in our main cafeteria.  Essentially it takes our choice away from what we want to buy. It’s more of a ‘don’t fix it because it’s not broken’ issue".

Godwin wants Providence to pay attention to its hundreds of Missoula employees.

Yep, this is why I don't touch the coffee maker in our kitchen!

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