Mayor John Engen introduced his proposed 2020 budget before the Missoula City Council on Wednesday that includes the hiring of 18 new employees and a total of nearly $23 million in Capital Improvement Projects.

In his letter to the council, Mayor Engen read into the record that he was pleased with the final budget numbers for Fiscal Year 2019.

“The good news is that FY19 was a successful year in terms of revenues and expenses,” said Mayor Engen. “We are performing well within our approved budget authority, adding to our fund balance and will begin the fiscal year in a strong position. Public safety is a fundamental responsibility of local government. This budget adds three full-time police officers to our ranks that the council and I committed to during last year’s deliberations. I’m recommending funding an additional three full-time officers, as well. Increasing calls for service and our expanded jurisdiction require additional investment in policing and this budget makes that investment.”

In his proposed budget, Engen adds six police officers, five additions to the city street department, along with a fire department mechanic, a deputy city attorney, one energy consultant, one field technician, one business manager in the Parks Department and one engineer in Development Services.

The mayor has also proposed almost $23 million for Capital Improvement Projects. They include:

  • Street and sidewalk projects: $ 7,640,478
  • Parks construction and upgrades: $ 2,433,245
  • Water system improvements: $5,969,624
  • Wastewater system improvements: $ 4,508,142
  • Equipment replacement: $2,178,950


Mayor Engen closed by stating “As it stands, I’m optimistic with regard to this budget. Our estimates suggest that we can move the city forward in a thoughtful, balanced, progressive way.”

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