I know we haven't experienced extremely hot weather for much of the summer. But, the first real taste of hot temperatures has arrived. In fact, this weekend is calling for some very SUMMER-ish temperatures. In preparation for the upcoming holiday weekend, I thought it would be wise to finally do the annual installation of my window air conditioning units. After digging them out of storage and turning them on, I discovered that they were no longer producing cold air. Instead, they blew warm air into the house. This was clearly not acceptable. So I did what many others are probably doing right now. I hurried out and bought one before they are all gone. Now, my house feels like a walk-in beer fridge.

To add insult to injury, I also noticed my car had a tough time getting cold. Which led me to believe it was time for the air conditioner to get recharged. This is something that cost about as much to fix as the window units in my home. An annual tradition of shelling out tons of money, just in hopes of staying cool in the summer heat.

If this summer is anywhere close to what it was last summer, then I am rushing out to buy a new Chevy Equinox. According to the following video, it has a cool new feature that will guarantee you won't suffer once the temperatures rise.

Granted this is probably a soon-to-be factory recall. But, I think it should come standard in all vehicles. I like to call it "Montana-mode."

Snowing in your car!!!! Now that is a damn good AC unit. I would hate to see what happens when you crank the heat.

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