Whether it's fishing, playing a slot machine or watching our favorite football team, many of us have those little quirks we abide by to bring us luck.

Our good friends over at montanaoutdoor.com did a little research into some of the unique ways we anglers are wound when it comes to superstitious techniques and sayings used to try to catch more fish. If you subscribe to a few of these, you're probably a pretty normal Montana angler. If you say, "Yeah, that's me" to most of them, then you probably need some help! So, here is our top 10, including a few that maybe you never thought of before:

>An angler always throws the first fish caught back in the water for luck.

>A good time to go fishing is when you see a chicken oiling its  feathers.

>After you have put a worm on your hook, spit on it for good luck.

>A rabbit crossing your path when you are going fishing is a sign of bad luck that day.

>Carry a fishing pole into the house before you start on a fishing trip and you will not catch any fish.

>Fish bite best at night when you play a fiddle or a guitar. Fish just can't stay in the water and they will come to the surface because they love the sound of a fiddle or a guitar.

>Fishing on Fridays is unlucky.

>Good days to go fishing are on the 17th and 18th of the month.

>Going fishing? Then you should pray..........for perpetual sunshine that won't fade away..........and ye will have good luck fishing all day.

>If you go fishing every Sunday, someday you will catch the devil on your hook and be snatched off the bank and into the water and you may drown.   

Well, Happy New Year, anglers. May you see many oily chickens, very few rabbits crossing the road, play a mean guitar or fiddle out in the boat and always leave your fishing pole in the garage!


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