If you need a dose of stupid and senseless news today, this incident just might do the trick.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks released some disgusting details of vandalism at a state fish hatchery display pond. They are hoping someone might have seen what went on.

Montana FWP says trout were killed in the hatchery display pond at Giant Springs Fish Hatchery in Great Falls. Game wardens believe that someone scaled the chain link fence surrounding the hatchery and used a knife to spear and slash many of the large trout in the circular display pond several nights ago.

Numerous fish in the tank were found with severe cuts and puncture wounds, which resulted in six fish being euthanized the next day.  Other fish were found dead in the park, and hatchery workers are hopeful that still other fish in the tank may survive and recover from their injuries, although there will likely be more deaths reported due to this attack.

Montana FWP Game Warden Andrew Burton described it as "beyond just an act of senseless and stupid vandalism. People really love seeing and feeding these big fish, and they are one of the most popular attractions in Giant Springs State Park and the hatchery.  Since some of them were six years old or even older, it’s going to take a while now to replace them.”

Anyone with information about the fish is asked to call 1-800-TIPMONT or contact Warden Burton at 406-217-7855. Tips are kept confidential and a reward is possible.

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