For over 27 years, Bagels on Broadway has been a downtown Missoula mainstay. That won't change, but ownership will.

Since 1993, the shop, located at 223 West Broadway, has been owned and operated by Sue Thompson. From plain to Asiago to blueberry to jalapeño cheddar to multi-grain to cinnamon raisin to cranberry to  poppy seed to bacon cheddar and more, Sue's secret-recipe bagels have always come in a huge variety to please as many bagel fans as possible. The same is true of their cream cheese spreads made up fresh in-store. Their creative sandwiches for breakfast and lunch are another crowd-pleaser.

The restaurant has always maintained a roomy and inviting atmosphere with plenty of inside seating. And while a lot of that is still available, like all restaurants, they had to do the COVID-19 pivot and expand delivery and takeout services, reduce inside seating, modify hours of operation, etc.

Sue has announced her Farewell Tour! Well, not exactly a tour. She is not going anywhere just yet. But she is turning Bagels on Broadway over to new and still local ownership. All the great bagel recipes will stay right where they belong, so a Missoula favorite will continue.

The restaurant will be owned and operated by Cody Cowart of Missoula, whose current business operations also include Downtown Pawn, in the same block as Bagels on Broadway, at 219 West Broadway. We wish Cody all the best with his new venture.

On a personal note, I have worked with Sue Thompson for well over 15 years now, assisting her with writing her radio commercials, which she has always done a wonderful job voicing. We have formed a lifelong friendship and I will certainly miss our recording sessions.

Congratulations, Sue! You have earned some R&R and will definitely be missed.


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