Missoula city police chief Jaeson White produced a video with mayor John Engen on Wednesday regarding the rumors of agitators or members of Antifa that may be coming to Missoula.

“The police department has been aware for the last several days regarding some information of potential outside agitators coming into Missoula and infiltrating our peaceful demonstrations that we’re having,” said Chief White.

White said Missoula authorities have been investigating these rumors.

“We’ve been aware of that for several days now,” he said. “We’ve been working with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to track down information that is validated and to figure out what is going on. We didn’t want to come out too soon with information until we could truly validate what is going on, and the potential impact to Missoula.”

White then said the rumors are without merit.

“I’m happy to report that as of today we have no credible intelligence that that is true,” he said. “We firmly believe that it has been rumor and speculation. I working with law enforcement agencies in the areas where these outside agitators were coming from, supposedly, in those posts. We’ve been working with those law enforcement agencies, and they are bnot providing us with any information that validates that those agitators are within their own communities, much less coming to Missoula.

Protests continue in downtown Missoula where crowds with signs have been congregating near the Missoula County Courthouse.

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