With little outside contact right now, this can be an even lonelier time for the elderly living in personal care facilities.

Today, I got the chance to meet Stefanie Silvan, co-owner of Caring Transitions here in Missoula. They have started a program called Joy4Seniors. We will get to how you can be part of that joy in a moment.

Caring Transitions of Western Montana specializes in professional organization, estate sales, online auctions, relocation and downsizing services in Missoula, Hamilton and the greater Kalispell area. When you’re facing a challenging transition, you want a caring and professional company to relieve the stress you and your family are facing.  Caring Transitions of Western Montana gets that and wants to help.

It is easy to feel the compassion Stefanie has for elderly people who have had to move into personal care facilities, and for their loved ones who have had to assist in making this difficult decision. But this is not an infomercial for them. Whether you need any services they offer or not, they are hoping you will participate in the effort to bring a little happiness to those who feel lonely and isolated.

The program we want to make you aware of is called Joy4Seniors. All they are asking is that you make or purchase a greeting card that will get sent to a personal care home. Our local communities are slowly opening up for friends and family to see their loved ones. In the meantime creating crafts, cards or letters will bring a smile to our local seniors.

They focus on a different facility each month. Some are larger than others and could really use a lot of cards. For example, this month Caring Solutions would like to create Joy4Seniorst at Village Residence in Missoula, where they currently have 93 residents.

Please send your creations by March 15th to: Caring Transitions of Western Montana, PO Box 1046, Stevensville MT 59870. Or call Stefanie at 406.369.8000 with questions.

I know I will be sending mine and I hope you will join me.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:




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