Food inspectors have reported that the “filler,” known to most in the industry as “lean, finely textured beef” actually does meet safety standards. Still, most consumers worldwide, including Missoula residents believe that the whole idea of pink slime is simply too unappetizing and still feels unsafe.

ABC News and other media sources recently reached out to supermarkets across the nation, and here was the response they received from some of the bigger chains that had stores in the Missoula area:

1. Safeway

“Safeway is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products.  While the USDA and food industry experts agree that lean, finely textured beef is safe and wholesome, recent news stories have caused considerable consumer concern about this product.  Safeway will no longer purchase ground beef containing lean, finely textured beef.”

2. Costco

Costco told ABC News it does not use “pink slime.”

“Anything that we sell at Costco we want to explain its origins, and I personally don’t know how to explain trim treated with ammonia in our ground beef,” Craig Wilson, vice president of quality assurance for Costco, told ABC News. “I just don’t know how to explain that. I’m not that smart.”

3. Walmart

“We spend a lot of time listening to customers and adjusting our product assortment to ensure we have the right products at the right prices. Recently some customers have expressed concerns with lean finely textured beef (LFTB) and, while the USDA and experts agree that it is safe and nutritious, Walmart and Sam’s Club will begin offering fresh ground beef that does not contain LFTB. We’re committed to providing our customers with quality products at the right prices.”

4. Albertsons

“While we recognize that there are no health or safety concerns with lean finely textured beef, we also want to be diligent in continuing to provide the products that our customers want. Over the last two weeks, our customers have made it clear that they would prefer to purchase fresh ground beef that is free of lean finely textured beef.”

Since the days shortly after the report, the term “pink slime” shot to the top of search terms on Google and was the biggest trending topic on Twitter, as well as the Missoula Facebook network.

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