I know it is a little early to be day dreaming about falling down a hill in a winter wonderland, but with the upcoming Seize The Deal Missoula Online Auction offering up a Lost Trail season pass, you can imagine the possibilities. If you are fortunate enough to bid on this weekend's Lost Trail auction item and win, the following are some people you may run into on the chair lift.

  • Flickr.com (mattysoo)
    Flickr.com (mattysoo)

    The Geezer

    This guy/gal has been skiing since he/she invented skis. He/she will tell you a ton of stories that begin with "So there I was..."

  • Flickr.com (Skylar Hollien)
    Flickr.com (Skylar Hollien)

    The Rookie

    This person is fresh out of ski school. After seeing the person almost impale him or herself on his or her ski poles, you listen to him or her talk about how he or she can't wait for a little black diamond action.

  • Flickr.com (M Kenzie)
    Flickr.com (M Kenzie)

    The Music Snob

    This person is anti-social, the only conversation you will get out of him or her is when he or she takes his or her ear buds out to tell you how you have never heard of the band he or she is listening to.

  • Flickr.com (Dean Searle)
    Flickr.com (Dean Searle)

    The Motor Mouth

    This person will tell you his or her entire life story in one 15 minute chair ride. Everything from how he or she decided to buy the boots he or she is wearing, to the one time he or she saw a guy that looked like Kevin Bacon snowboard by lift 1.

  • Flickr.com (reway2007)
    Flickr.com (reway2007)

    The Long Distance Talker

    The long distance talker is usually part of a larger group of people, but got stuck riding with you as his or her friends are either slightly in front or behind you. That doesn't stop him or her from continuing the conversation by shouting loud enough for the friends to hear him or her 40 yards away.

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