It's become a viral challenge with the colder weather across the country but people are getting injured trying to throw boiling water into the air to freeze

People have been going to the emergency room when the experiments haven't gone as planned.

The polar vortex that brought super-cold weather to parts of the country has had people filming themselves as they try and get boiling water to instantly freeze as they release it into the air.  But with the water that doesn't freeze, there's been injuries to feet, arms, hands, and faces.  There's been wind gusts have blown the boiling water back in people's faces.  And various degrees of burns have been reported.

Getting water on your skin in such cold weather can increase the risk of injury.  It can make the freezing process faster and result in a cold injury to the skin.

We're having our run of cold weather locally - but lets leave the boiling water inside for a steamy bowl of soup to keep warm.

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