Pabst Blue Ribbon has announced a new "luxury" beer brand - Captain Pabst, along with its flagship IPA, Seabird.

Seabird is a highly sessionable, premium India Pale Ale, brewed with Magnum, Citra, Cascade, and Mosaic hops. The beer takes its name from Captain Fredrick Pabst’s last steamship, which was a catalyst in his decision to enter the beer business. Caught near the shore in December of 1863 during an unexpected storm, Captain Fredrick Pabst strategically beached "The Seabird" on the sands of Whitefish Bay on Lake Michigan without casualties. With irreversible damage to The Seabird, Captain Pabst made the fateful decision to walk away from the sea. Hanging up his captain hat, he purchased a brewery that would eventually bare his name and deliver some of the most iconic American beer brands of all time.

Right now, Seabird is only offered in Wisconsin and Chicago, but if you really gotta have it, you might be able to buy some online. Of course we'll let you know if Orange Street Food Farm will be carrying Seabird. For now, we'll stick with our Rainier.

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