I'm just going to put it out there at the start of this blog I'm writing........most of this content goes right over my head when it comes to understanding some of the medical jargon. But this is fantastic news if it ends up being a treatment for the coronavirus down the road.

One of the doctors from the Netflix documentary "Pandemic" has come forward to say he and his team at Distributed Bio may have discovered a coronavirus cure.

Jacob Glanville posted on social media that they've taken five antibodies that work against the SARS virus and evolved them into doing the same thing against the COVID-19 virus.

There's obviously a lot more to the story but the next step is that the US military will begin testing the potential cure. If things progress there could be human trials in the summer and the drug could be released in the fall.

It's pretty interesting stuff and obviously it would be a HUGE breakthrough as the country fights the coronavirus pandemic.  I'll let you read the extended details on your own at the links below. Here's to hoping good things come from this potential breakthrough discovery - we're all ready for some good news.

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