Just think of any random thing.......a day to celebrate it probably exists. It's pretty amazing how many things have a "National _____ Day" attached to them. National Name Your Car Day is a thing. Kiss a Ginger Day is in January. August brings us National Underwear Day. And the list goes on and on, as you can see with this website dedicated to all the different occasions.

Oh....and today (1/15) happens to be National Hat Day. The National Day Calendar website says "Wear your favorite hat on National Hat Day. Celebrate an era or an occupation. Learn the history of a particular hat or try making a paper hat. Be sure to wear a hat and use #NationalHatDay to post on social media."

I can't say that I pay attention to most of these crazy pseudo-holidays - but I do like the fact that the Missoula PaddleHeads are offering up some deals to honor the day that's set aside for headwear.

If you haven't picked up a PaddleHeads hat since the team changed names - now is a good time to do it and save some money. And if you read the small print you'll see that the same buy one, get one 30% off deal applies to Osprey & Timberjacks hats - through tomorrow.

The PaddleHeads are also throwing in a couple of hat/ticket package offers:
A PaddleHeads hat + 10 tickets = $124
A PaddleHeads hat + 20 tickets = $224

Check out the merch and take advantage of the savings for National Hat Day HERE.

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