I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if my music sweep went from George Strait to Kenny Chesney to filthy-lyric rapper.

Based on this story, there is no guarantee that it couldn't happen. And I guess it's just a reminder to not let your guard down in this digital age. Officials are blaming it on internet-connected antennas being compromised.

AP advised us that a number of radio stations around the country have been hacked and overridden by an anti-Donald Trump rap song that included obscene lyrics. It played for a fairly long period of time, over and over on a continuous loop before employees could get their regular programming restored. Even a TV station reported being infiltrated with the video version.

Fortunately one station recovered the IP address of the suspects and reported it to our mother ship, the Federal Communications Commission.

I hope they don't hack me right in the middle of Achy Breaky Heart. I love that song! Call letters would have to be changed to KWTF.


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