Saturday evening at 6:40 a house fire was reported in the 9800 block of Butler Creek Road. Missoula County Sheriff’s Department spokesmen Jason Johnson says one man was killed in the fire, which Johnson says may have also involved an explosion of some type.

Johnson says a woman at the residence was taken to St. Patrick Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Johnson says Missoula Rural Fire Inspector Tom Ziegler is on the scene Saturday evening ascertaining what happened in the fatal fire.

Just moments ago, at midnight Sunday morning, lead investigator Tom Ziegler said the body of a 60 to 61 year-old man who was renting the mobile home was recovered from the fire scene. Ziegler says the full investigation into the fire won’t begin until Sunday morning at daylight. Ziegler says the mobile home had an addition built onto it, but it is unknown yet how or where the fire started.

Missoula Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jason Johnson

Lead investigator for Missoula Rural Fire Tom Ziegler

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