A lot of people have had Father's Day weekend circled on the calendar for a while. Ok, so maybe it's more of a thing where people are making a note in the calendar app of their phone and not actually circling the day on an actual calendar.....but you get the point. And I'm not even talking about Father's Day being the reason for having the date bookmarked - it just happens that Father's Day weekend has been when the first show of the previous three seasons of Yellowstone has aired. But looks like the upcoming 4th season will keep fans waiting a bit. That's a bummer for all, but especially around here where the show has been in the news so much with all filming for the new season being done locally dating back to last fall.

What's the deal?

Everybody just kind of assumed that the show would return with the same schedule it has in the past - with a June start date. But here we are two weeks into the month and all has been quiet on the Yellowstone front. There hasn't been any mention of a preview trailer for the new season - let alone a start date. A post from Kevin Costner's Twitter page in April seemed to signal that things were on schedule for a June premier as most fans have grown accustomed to. And I got pretty excited a couple weeks ago when I saw someone post a meme on social media that had a picture from the show and a countdown of days leading to June 20th. But I soon discovered that was just the internet being the internet.

Why the holdup?

The Paramount Network has been silent when it comes to details about the new season of the show. Fans started to wonder if there would be delays when there was a casting call just a few weeks ago to finish some filming that was delayed by the weather late last year. So maybe they're still working on some editing before the season is fully finished? Or, another theory is that the Olympics are scheduled to start in July - and maybe the show doesn't want to compete with such a big event when it comes to viewers. I can see where that would be a concern when you're the #1 show on cable.

What's the best guess about when the new season will start?

There's a lot of theories being thrown around. This article makes the case that Yellowstone could wait until after the Olympics and begin the new season in the fall. I know, that's not what people want to hear - especially coming off the big cliffhanger from last year. Right now it's all speculation.....about the only thing we do know is that we'll be waiting longer than previous years to get our fill of the Dutton family and Yellowstone Ranch.

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