Oh, we wacky football fans and our quirks and superstitions. What we won't do to try to help our teams win.

That has carried over to a chain of restaurants in Pittsburgh, where their beloved Steelers host the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the NFL playoffs Sunday. Yep, dolphins. Fish. Guess where this is going.

Primanti Brothers is a very famous restaurant chain with 37 locations in the Pittsburgh area. They pile their sandwiches with such decadent extras as fries and coleslaw. But what you won't be able to get at Primati's through the weekend is fish on your sandwich. Any kind of fish! And while we assume dolphin is not on the menu anyway, since that's the nickname of the opponent, all fish are guilty by association.

One of the cooks says she just couldn't bring herself to make a fish sandwich while the Dolphins are in town, and has made the decision to not support anything that comes from the ocean! :-)

Good luck to your team in the playoffs.


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