As someone who commutes on Highway 93 every day, this really makes me happy. Finally, a law enforcement officer starts to educate drivers on how it is illegal to "camp" in the passing lane.

"Pray for me, I drive 93"

Folks, like myself, who have to commute from the Bitterroot jokingly call the stretch daily drive the "Bitterroot 500" because it can sometimes feel like you are involved in a NASCAR race. Hundreds, if not thousands of people make the commute every day from communities like Corvallis, Victor, Stevensville, Florence, and Lolo. It seems that traffic can sometimes get a little intimidating making sure the passing lane is open, crucial to keeping traffic flowing properly.

Pinal County Sheriff's Department/YouTube
Pinal County Sheriff's Department/YouTube

Speeds seem to almost be suggestions to some, rather than the law.

When someone is driving slowly in the passing lane, it can become dangerous for other drivers. But, there always seems to be a "13 county plate" doing below the speed limit in the left lane. Some call it "camping." Drivers that do this believe that they are making the roads safer, by forcing people to slow down. It is actually the opposite.

A Sheriff in Arizona decided to crack down on these "campers" and educate them on the law.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff's Department YouTube video

Did you know the left lane is for passing only? Driving in the left lane can cause traffic delays and unsafe conditions for cars wishing to pass. It's also illegal! Sheriff Mark Lamb went to educate drivers.


It is only a matter of time before Missoula and Ravalli County law enforcement start doing the same thing. In my opinion, it NEEDS to be done. Left lane drivers are making Highway 93 more dangerous than it already is.

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