As always - never give your information over the phone!

The Whitefish police department is warning the public of a phone scam that is circulating the Flathead Valley.

A person will call you on the phone, claim to be with the police or sheriff's office, and inform you there is a warrant for your arrest for not following a court order.



The scary part is the phone number will show up on your caller I.D. as though it's coming from a law enforcement agency.  The bad guys enter the phone number of a police department in a computer and use the computer to make the call.

Eventually, you're offered the chance to "post bond" or clear up the issue” by giving the caller a credit card or a bank account number.

Again, NEVER give out information over the phone, especially banking info.

If you receive any suspicious calls asking for payment or information - hang up and report it to local authorities.

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