I asked my wife what her plans were for the day and they included dropping off some library books at the Barnes & Noble store. I had a brief moment when I wondered to myself how the progress was coming along with the Missoula Public Library getting moved into their new location.

The library, like most places, has seen their plans affected by the pandemic. The year started with high hopes of moving into their new building by July 15th. After some delays, they announced in June that the plan was to be ready to open the new library by the first of September. Now, the hope is to get operations going at some point in September.

Books are being moved and housed at the new location. But a complete move is being slowed because the library doesn't want to be in the way of the moves of other tenants that will be sharing the building. Partners that will be making their moves in the coming weeks include the spectrUM Discovery Area, the Missoula Children’s Museum, and more.

Pretend for a moment that we're playing a crazy game of Family Feud. I ask you to "name an item you wouldn't think you would have to quarantine to protect us against COVID-19, but you actually do." I'm guessing the odds are slim that library books would be one of the answers you give. But there's your fun fact of the day - the virus has shown to stick to slick paper surfaces for more than three days so library books are being quarantined for four days at the new Missoula Public Library location. Check out that nugget of info along with more information about the library's big move in this KPAX article.


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