By now you've probably heard that we are making KYSS corn thanks to our friends at KornUtopia in downtown Missoula. Our first batch was red, white, and blue with the flavors of cherry, blue raspberry, and kettle corn all in one delicious bag. But the amazing people at KornUtopia have made the best popcorn in the world even better. The new flavor of KYSS corn is truly Montana with Huckleberry and White Chocolate flavored popcorn.

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While the popcorn itself is delicious, what actually makes it the best popcorn on earth is that while you are enjoying the treat you're helping a non-profit in our area raise money. Right now the non-profit that is getting the money raised is Camp Mak-A-Dream. Camp Mak-A-Dream is a cost free, medically supervised Montana experience for children, teens, young adults, women and families affected by cancer.

Make sure you stop into KornUtopia and try out the most delicious treat available anywhere, it's KYSS corn from KornUtopia and 94.9 KYSS FM.



    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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