It's pretty crazy how fast mask merchandise worked its way into our lives. It seems like one day there was nothing and the next day they were everywhere. You can't make it through a day without seeing masks for sale somewhere - it's just our normal way of life now. They're at the convenience store, the grocery store, the mall, online, people are making and selling them........they're everywhere!

You can get masks with cartoon characters, your favorite team's logo, movie themes, the name of your favorite band, Tiger King, etc. You can even order a custom mask with the lower portion of your face on it.....and then it takes a couple weeks to arrive and looks nothing like it's supposed to.....and it makes your face look like it had an allergic reaction to something. Wow, what a bum deal for the guy in the picture below who definitely isn't me. ;-)

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

I've already done it a few times, reached the entrance of a store and realized I forgot my mask in the car. It's all fun and games when you see someone else doing the walk of shame but not as enjoyable when it happens to you. That's why this seems like it would be a handy item to have. A South Carolina man has created a hat that has a built-in mask under the bill!

How great is that? A retractable mask that you can pull down and use, and then return to the bill of the cap when you no longer need it. The creator started by launching the hat on Kickstarter and in just 11 days they show selling over $32,000 worth of Hide-A-Mask hats. He says the whole idea started by trying to remember his mask. Well, I guess attaching it to your headwear is one way to never forget it. They do look handy! And they come in a variety of colors.

What do you think of the Hide-A-Mask? You can place an order on the Kickstarter page HERE. Once they finish the run on Kickstarter they'll be available for purchase at their website HERE.


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