It's been a _____ year! I'll just let you go ahead and fill in the blank since there are so many different ways to complete that sentence depending on how the pandemic has affected you. Go ahead and choose the one that makes the most sense to you. I think I'll go with "a turd of". It's been a turd of a year!

This time of year is always a bit rough for families that are struggling to make ends meet. Money gets a bit tighter when you factor in everything that comes with the holidays. And that's before you take into account what so many are facing this year - the loss of jobs and reduced hours that have been a result of the pandemic. The Missoula Food Bank wants to remind the community that there is a bit of help if you need it.

Photo: Missoula Food Bank
Photo: Missoula Food Bank

The Food Bank has been busy trying to help provide for those that need it most. They just completed a very successful Can the Cats campaign, they spent the end of November trying to get turkey donations so those in need could have Thanksgiving dinner, and they're currently conducting their Holiday Drive as they look to raise $25,000 before the end of December. In some cases, embarrassment is the reason that those in need won't ask for help. But if you're feeling the pinch, know that you can stop by the Missoula Food Bank and grab a fresh food box with no questions asked. No ID is required and it's all confidential.

For more information about the Missoula Food Bank and the services they offer, or to find out about becoming a volunteer, visit their website.

Donate to the 35th Annual Holiday Food Drive HERE.

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