This story came to us from our neighbors in Grand Teton National Park and is another sad reminder of why you leave the wildlife alone!

Two park visitors were cited last week for illegally feeding wildlife within the park. People in two separate vehicles were seen feeding fruit to black bears (a mother and two cubs), a serious offense which is punishable with up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. And this incident was the fateful final straw for one of the bears.

The bears had been frequenting several developed areas in the Signal Mountain area of the park, no doubt being spoiled by visitors and getting more and more comfortable around humans. It was determined that there were too many close calls and that the bears were an unacceptable risk and had to be captured and removed from the park. Worse, the adult female, aged 4-5, was not a good candidate for an educational or zoo facility and was euthanized. The two cubs are being relocated to Oswald Bear Ranch in Newberry, Michigan.

But hey, at least a couple of jackasses got to feed them berries, right?


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