Over the past few weeks my wife (Savannah) and I have had many discussions about the possibility of me flying with the USAF Thunderbirds at Malmstrom AFB. She was really excited for me at first to even have the chance to fly with them. As discussed on the radio yesterday, this is not confirmed, I am one of three media people that have a chance to fly with the elite group.

It was on Monday when we started having real discussions. I think it is always good to plan for the future, and now we are meeting with a local Life Insurance Agent. HAHAHA! This is something that we both think is important and to be honest we would be looking into it regardless of if I get to fly with the Thunderbirds. I just thought it was hilarious the timing of the conversation.

Fingers crossed I get to join the Thunderbirds, but just like most things in life we have to was for approval and confirmation.


    A Reminder of Kindness

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